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Footworks performs at Maryland Hall for Creative Arts with the Claire Lynch Band!

April 30, 2016 - Footworks performed at Maryland Hall of the Creative Arts for a very special show with the Claire Lynch Band. For this exciting new show Footworks' choreographed 3 new numbers to the Claire Lynch Band's music. Rehearsal Captain, Marsha Searle, summed up the experience for us, "What a pleasure to not only perform in the same show as Claire Lynch but to also have the opportunity to dance to her songs as well. It was an unforgettable and fantastic evening!" Footworks also revived an old Fiddle Puppet dance called En Root. As Rehearsal Captain, Marsha spent hours and hours watching old videos of the number in order to learn the steps to this lost dance. She then taught it to Footworks' principal dancers. It was quite a privilege to perform En Root, last performed by Footworks' fore bearers the Fiddle Puppets.

Overall, it was an incredible evening!

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